Workshop group

Many of the members at a group-process workshop, fall 2013, with added photos of some who weren’t present. Photo collage by Paul Berry.

The old farmhouse finally move so this it is close to its final position and orientation (but still perched on the steel rails used to support it while moving).
(Compare with artist's rendering from the planning phase, further down this page.) Photo by David Burwen, September 4, 2014.

We are a group of Bay Area residents who are creating a cohousing community at 445 Calderon Avenue in Mountain View, CA. We’ll have a new “old-fashioned” neighborhood of upscale, energy-efficient condominiums and common facilities— homes that we’ve planned and designed ourselves to promote collaboration and community, in a convenient walkable downtown location.

Construction will be completed this year

For other pictures of steps during construction as members and friends captured them, click Constr Pix.

Building the human links that make a community started five years ago. Plans for a building were developed with Chuck Durrett of McCamant and Durrett, leading architects of cohousing. Putting up the physical structure began February, 2013, as soon as Mountain View had approved the plans, Mechanics Bank of Walnut Creek had provided a construction loan, and the city had issued all the needed permits. Here’s how it should look when finished:

Sketch of entrance to the proposed building from street

Artist’s rendering of the eventual front of the construction, as viewed from Calderon Avenue
(The old high-ceilinged farmhouse, once hidden behind trees, will be moved forward to the street)